29 mars 2017

Do Chimpanzees need sacred forests?

A Master student from the University of Wageningen, Anna Nunes van den Hoven, started her research on the distribution of the chimpanzee in the Boé. She will stay in the Boé for four months to do a field study.

She will investigate to what extent the Western Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus) is present in the sacred respectively in non-sacred forests around Beli during the late dry season and/or the start of the rain season. In her research, she will try to find an answer to the question whether the presence of chimpanzees differs between sacred and non-sacred forests areas. And if yes, how differences in for instance the availability of large trees and water can explain preferences of chimpanzees.

If she finds important differences the need of improved protection of sacred forests might become urgent.

17 mars 2017

(Nederlands) In Boé (Guinea Bissau) people believe in the spirits of the forest: this protects the environment

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13 janvier 2017

(Nederlands) Vacature

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