Nature conservation in the Boé

It is the objective of the foundation to protect the chimpanzee population of West Africa. To concretize this the foundation initially started the project in the Boe. The reason for this is that within the board there is extensive working experience in the Boe. The Boe region is administratively clearly delimited area, where relatively many chimpanzees occur. The Boe is an area with a natural resource of global importance. This is illustrated by the presence of a relatively large population of chimpanzees (according to the most recent estimate 700 animals). The local community has its own culture and has extensive knowledge of the area. The natural resources are threatened by the prevailing poverty, barely present government, a concession granted for bauxite mining, plans to build a paved road which will impose immigration of people from Guinea Conakry, illegal logging and forest fires, and hunting protected species (a.o. chimpanzees). Currently there are broadly three projects in which Chimbo cooperates with local sister organization Daridibo.

  • MAVA project (Finished) – aimed at the development of ecotourism
  • Save our Species (Finished) – aimed at strengthening the Village Committees
  • Chimpanzee research – in collaboration with the Max Planck for Evolutionary Anthropology Research into the chimpanzee groups of the Boe
  • MISUBAB project (Finished) – aimed at stimulating sustainable mining
  • COMBAC-Boé – community based conservation of the cultural and natural values of the Boé sector