David GoedmakersDavid

David, also known by many as “Kroelie”, was born on 29 October 1987 in Amsterdam. He died in Kesteren on 25 August 2006 due to a torn aorta. He was 18 at the time and was all set to begin his studies in chemistry at the University of Amsterdam on the Monday following his death.  He played football in the 2nd and 1st divisions of Kesteren and was a zealous gamer.  David had friends in the Netherlands, Mongolia, Peru and Africa.

When he was of primary school age, he played football with the children in Bubaque, Guinea-Bissau. He donated his toys to the school children in the countryside of Mali. He taught English to children in Mongolia. He also enjoyed observing birds of prey, wolves, lions, rhinoceros, elephants and chimpanzees etc. The love of his life was his cat Guusje.

David was a citizen of the world who could get along well with everyone without losing sight of who he was.  He kept up with the global news and had a clear opinion about everything that was going on in the world.