19 January 2018

(Nederlands) Video Chimbo

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20 September 2017

Vacancy MSc student

Chimbo Foundation is looking for a MSc student to write a management plan for Lugajole Hill (Boé area, Guinee Bissau). Click here for the vacancy.

5 May 2017

New fieldwork/research coordinator Chimbo

Katharina Kühnert is leaving us as the fieldwork/research coordinator. For family-reasons she will leave one month earlier than originally planned. Kathy came first to the Boé in 2015 to do field research for her Master’s thesis in ornithology with the University of Göttingen (Germany). She did an excellent job and we were therefore very pleased when she agreed to come back to the Boé for one year to assist us with the setting up the field programme for the COMBAC-Boé project. We are very indebted to Katharina, not only for the quality of her work but especially for her unbridled dedication to the Boé, its nature and its people.

To replace Katharina, we contracted Anouk Puijk (see photo). She will travel to Guinea Bissau in May. Anouk has a BSc in Biology of the University of Utrecht and a MSc in Forest and Nature Conservation from the University of Wageningen (both in The Netherlands). She has done field work in the Caribbean Islands and in South Africa. During the interviews, Anouk made an excellent impression on us, and we look forward to work with her in the Boé. She hopes to be able to combine her work for us with the work needed for a PhD.

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